Just like rear dump trailers, side dump trailers have also taken a large market share among the special semi trailer category. They are widely used in the transportation of loose goods such as sand, soil, and coal. Its loading carriage can automatically tip to the side at a certain angle during unloading, which saves labor and time, shortens transportation cycle, and improves production efficiency.

In general, side dump trailers require unloading site to be large enough with flat surface. They are used for heavy-duty vehicles and trailers with cargo compartment length longer than 9.6 meters. The lifting height of side dump trailers is low compared to rear dump trailers, which makes its center of gravity also relatively lower. However, due to its lifting method, the trailer main beam is prone to uneven stress during unloading.

For both rear dump and side dump trailers, it is critical to ensure accurate operation to avoid instability. Side dump trailers often need to equip shift rods to reduce rollover accidents to a certain extent.

  • Length: 8m, 9m, 10m

  • Material: carbon steel

  • Capacity: 30T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T

  • Number of Axles: 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles

  • King Pin: 2", 3.5", JOST

  • Tire: 12R22.5, 1100R20, 1200R20


Side dump trailer price
30 ft Side Dump Trailer price is USD 9,000 - USD 17,000; 50T Side Dump Trailer price is USD 9,000 - USD 18,000; If you want to customize Side Dump Semi Trailer, then the price is USD 10,000 - USD 18,000
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